AKQA Netflix One Story Away

AKQA: Netflix’s One Story Away

The connective power of stories


WPP Team Amplify: Bose Feel It All

A campaign all about how music makes you feel

FITCH Walmart

FITCH: Walmart Swipe Up

A mobile-first approach to improving in-store experience


Wunderman Thompson: Vodafone Egypt’s Stay Home, Stay Connected

Solving the paradox of Ramadan celebrations and COVID-19 restrictions

Wunderman Thompson: Ecox Emergency Bikes

Wunderman Thompson: Ecox Emergency Bikes

An electric bike designed by and for doctors

Every Mind Matters Wavemaker

Wavemaker: Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters

Encouraging the conversation around mental health

Wunderman Thompson Commerce TheWorks.co.uk

Wunderman Thompson Commerce: The Works

Adapting to a new ecommerce normal

Wunderman Talking Numbers

Wunderman: Fundación Huesped Talking Numbers

A partnership with Argentine non-profit AIDS awareness group to shake people out of apathy

VML Legoland


A GPS built for kids that starts the LEGOLAND adventure the moment families leave home

VML Absolut One Source

VMLY&R: Absolut One Source

Building a strong presence beyond social

Superunion: London symphony orchestra

Superunion: London Symphony Orchestra

If an orchestra takes inspiration from its conductor, why shouldn’t its brand?

Advertising board on a building

Ogilvy: British Airways Magic of Flying

Custom-built technology enabled digital ads to interact with planes flying overhead



Breaking the pattern of football boot releases through an invite-only app

This Coke is a Fanta

DAVID The Agency: This Coke is a Fanta

Cannes Lions 2018 gold-winning campaign aims to subvert discrimination

Volvo Grey Life Paint

Grey: Volvo LifePaint

Invisible paint that lights cyclists up at night

WPP 1118 Featured Girlguiding

J. Walter Thompson: Girlguiding #KnowYourPlace

Inspiring the next generation of women

WPP 1118 Deeplocal___Google_Home_mini

Deeplocal: Google Home Mini Golf

Hey Google, can you teach me how to putt?

Children holding hands in the air

Ogilvy: Savlon Healthy Hands chalk sticks

Awarded the Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness at Cannes Lions 2018

WPP 1218 AKQA_My_Verizon

AKQA: My Verizon

In the connected age, customers want everything instantly

AKQA: Oakley It’s OK

Celebrating professional and everyday athletes in their pursuit of excellence

WPP 1118 Smart Spokes 2

Ogilvy: Eyes Japan and Uber Eats Smart Spokes

Gyrokinetic LED systems transform wheels into digital screens

WPP 1218 Whopper-Neutrality

DAVID The Agency: Whopper neutrality

The perfect recipe of entertainment and education

WPP 1218 Google-Essence

Essence: Google The Chain

Cutting through a crowded marketplace

WPP 0219 Bumble Super Bowl Serena Williams

WPP at Super Bowl LIII

A shop window for WPP’s world-class creativity

WPP logo transforming

Superunion and Landor: WPP’s radical evolution

The story behind WPP’s new brand identity

WPP Featured Work 0319 Lyft-Luck-Machine

ISL: The Lyft Luck Machine

An antidote to marketing apathy

The Weekend

VMLY&R: The last ever issue

Transforming the narrative for women everywhere

WPP 0419 Featured Work Bestmencanbe

Grey: Gillette The Best Men Can Be

Triggering the conversation on what it is to be a man today

WPP 0419 Featured Work Wunderman Thompson Blink-and-they-are-gone

Wunderman Thompson: Blink. And They Are Gone

Documenting the lives of the world’s indigenous communities

WPP Featured Work 0319 MAC-Experience v2

Wunderman Thompson: MAC Experience Centre

Reinventing the physical retail experience

WPP 0419 Featured Work Ogilvy Carling Black label NoExcuses

Ogilvy: Carling Black Label Soccer Song for Change

#NoExcuse for gender-based violence

WPP 0419 Featured Work Oceans-of-the-future

Ogilvy: Greenpeace Ocean of the future

The effects of plastic waste through the eyes of school children


VMLY&R Bogota: World Amblyopia Campaign iRESCUE

Turning printed media into lazy eye screening and treatment


Wunderman Thompson New York: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Adaptive

Innovating to create an inclusive disability-friendly clothing line


GTB London: Ford Elephant in Transit

Partnering with Time to Change to encourage men to talk about mental health


Ogilvy: Hindustan Lever Start a Little Good

A series of video spots tackling sustainability priorities


Wunderman Thompson Buenos Aires: Fundación Huésped Living Statistic

Raising awareness of HIV testing with human statistics


Ogilvy Singapore: BRAC Space on Earth

Rohingya children send an unforgettable message to space


Scholz & Friends Berlin: WWF & The Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker The Insect Concerto

Classical musicians and real insects make music onstage together for the first time


Geometry Prague: NeuroDigital Touching Masterpieces

Bringing iconic sculptures to life for the blind through a unique VR experience


Sra. Rushmore: International Committee of the Red Cross Hope

Raising awareness of attacks on hospitals and health workers in areas of armed conflict


VMLY&R Mexico: Save the Children Mexico Survivors

How the charity helps and supports children in extreme situations


Wunderman Thompson London: Stop Ivory Going, Going, Gone

Highlighting how ivory trade, despite being illegal, continues to take place


VMLY&R Sydney: UNICEF The Hope Page

Allowing you to contribute your computer’s spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency


Grey: Volvo Living Seawall

Grey scored a Silver Cannes Lion in the Design category for its work for Volvo on the Living Seawall


Ogilvy: Coca-Cola Love Story

A tale of two star-crossed plastic bottles


AKQA: evian Hero The Zero

Giving bottles a second life


Landor: Central Park Conservancy

Using innovative design to change behaviour


Wunderman Thompson: HP Australia Break Down The Beast

Made from 2,400 recycled plastic bottles, the Beast weighs 200kg and stands four metres high


Mindshare: KFC Gamers' Playground

Transforming 5,000 stores into ghost-hunting battlegrounds for gamers


AKQA: Baco Exu do Blues Bluesman

AKQA Sâo Paulo was awarded a Grand Prix in Entertainment for Music for the Brazilian rapper


Deeplocal: Google I/O The Flaming Lips

Performing a one-of-a-kind song with the help of a bowl of fruit, AI, and the crowd


Ogilvy: H&M Social Stylist

An intelligent algorithm designed to answer the daily styling needs of millions of consumers

2020 年春节

WPP 广告庆鼠年


Wunderman Thompson: Zumbi dos Palmares – Black Box

A book celebrating the cultural accomplishments of Afro-Brazilians


VMLY&R: Wendy’s Keeping Fortnite Fresh

VMLY&R and Wendy’s waged war on Fortnite's frozen beef


Grey: Pantene Coming Home Should Be #BeautifuLGBTQ

Partnering with GLAAD and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles for an ad of acceptance


Scholz & Friends: The Female Company’s The Tampon Book

A campaign that creatively challenged a societal injustice


Design Bridge: Beauty Banks #HELLYESNHS

Joining (virtual) hands with the NHS to supply frontline key workers with much-needed products


AKQA: Code of Conscience

A cyber shield around natural reserves

Ogilvy-IKEA Why-we-make

Ogilvy: IKEA Why We Make

Highlighting benefits for consumers, employees and the Earth


Grey: P&G #DistanceDance

Helping governments communicate crucial messages to a younger demographic


VMLY&R and Berlin Cameron: Walgreens Class of 2020

Helping families celebrate graduation without the ceremony

Tesco SaluteNHS-CPB

Coley Porter Bell: Tesco SalutetheNHS.org

Launching a product to support key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic


Superunion: Agricola Dargenio Figlia

New visual identity and bottle design for the Puglia-based farm as it appoints first female CEO


AKQA: Anti-Racism Guide

Resources to contribute to the collective goal of defeating racism


Superunion: End Your Silence NYC

Ways for white and non-Black people of colour in New York City to get involved in the fight for racial equality


VMLY&R Brazil: Athosgls No Love Should Die Young

Raising awareness of the life expectancy of trans people in Brazil


Superunion: Urban Justice Center

Fuelling social change


Wunderman Thompson: adidas Uncancelled Cup

With live sports on hold, adidas created virtual events online


Wunderman Thompson: ElaN Languages’ Unbias Button

Introducing a new translation feature for a gender-balanced world

Itau Pension-Delivery

Grey Argentina: Itaú Pension Delivery

Developing new ways for Argentina’s most vulnerable to access banking services during the pandemic


Grey: Gillette's First Shave #MyBestSelf

Continuing the conversation on what it’s like to be a man in the modern world


FITCH: The KitKat Chocolatory, São Paulo

A retail experience that’s won over the local Gen Z market


Geometry Ogilvy Japan: KDDI’s au 5G Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

Partnering with Netflix to transform Tokyo’s Shibuya into a mixed-reality entertainment showcase


Wunderman Thompson: Thai Airways #StayHome Miles Exchange

Rewarding members with air miles for staying at home


WPP: Castrol #HangUpYourKey

A novel approach to a coronavirus safety message


Mindshare: Tommy’s Midwife Voice Skill

Alleviating expectant parents’ pandemic anxiety

WPP International Womens Day 2020 In conversation


16 brilliant women and men from across the WPP global network in conversation for International Women's Day 2020


Lunar New Year 2020

WPP campaigns celebrate the Year of the Rat


WPP at Super Bowl LIV

Our creativity reinvented on an ever-broader canvas

Nike Air Max Graffiti Stores

AKQA: Nike Graffiti Stores

City walls were turned into Nike stores to win a Grand Prix at Cannes


POSSIBLE: The Lonely Whale Foundation #StopSucking

Asking individuals, organisations, and brands to pledge their commitment to A Strawless Ocean


AKQA: AACD Hospital Friendly Arms

A small kindness makes the biggest difference


Universal Design Studio: IBM Q System One

The world’s first standalone quantum supercomputer


VMLY&R: New Balance independent since 1906

A rebrand celebrating more than a century of independence

WPP 0818 Featured Work Ogilvy Making Dove Matter 1200px_

Ogilvy: Dove “I’m Fine”

Educating children on body confidence to help tackle self-esteem issues

J Walter Thompson WWF Tiger

J. Walter Thompson: WWF Tiger in Suburbia

WWF-UK brings the plight of wild tigers home


AKQA: Nike NBA Connected Jersey

Defining future fan-to-athlete connection


WPP creative talent

Introducing cross-disciplinary creatives from across the WPP network making waves in the industry

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