Wunderman Thompson: Heinz’s Is That Heinz?

Image showing different shades of ketchup

Wunderman Thompson: Heinz’s Is That Heinz?

Tackling ketchup fraud

Heinz tomato ketchup is a universal, consistent and instantly recognisable colour. And for Heinz fans everywhere, there is no doubt whether the ketchup is Heinz the moment they see it.

Ketchup fraud, where imposter ketchup is refilled in empty Heinz bottles, is a persistent issue for loyal Heinz customers, so Wunderman Thompson came up with a solution to help identify the real deal.

Heinz and Wunderman Thompson introduced a unique control label featuring a Pantone-matched stripe that is the exact shade of Heinz ketchup.

The Is That Heinz? campaign reinforced the Heinz brand's commitment to quality and consistency while also empowering customers to identify genuine Heinz tomato ketchup.

The campaign was implemented on a national level in Turkey, with bottles carrying the new control label distributed to various restaurants across the country, alongside an Instagram filter made available to all customers.

Is That Heinz? reinforced Heinz's commitment to quality and authenticity, improving its reputation as a trustworthy brand. Through social media promotions and the Instagram filter, 97% of consumers were able to discern real Heinz ketchup from imitations. The campaign effectively tackled the issue of ketchup fraud, resulting in a 73% decrease in non-Heinz ketchup refills and a 24% increase in Heinz ketchup usage in street food restaurants.