Thjnk: Ohhh! Foundation’s FAQ YOU

Colourful red book with FAQ YOU written on it on a bright yellow background

Thjnk: Ohhh! Foundation’s FAQ YOU

Empowering young people to transform sexual health education in Germany

Most young people in Germany search for information on sexual health on the internet. Against this backdrop, Youth Against AIDS, a successful NGO focused on promoting safe and inclusive sexual health education, wanted to revolutionise sex education in German schools to give young people reliable and accessible information.

thjnk partnered with Youth Against AIDS to take an innovative approach. It aimed for a transformative impact rather than merely adding workshops to the NGO's existing activities. The strategy involved circumventing the traditional curriculum by inspiring the target audience to advocate for change. The campaign, named FAQ YOU, aimed to demonstrate that a different kind of sexual education was possible and looked to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from young people.

To generate maximum impact with limited resources, thjnk collaborated with popular German influencers, YouTubers and Twitch-streamers to produce and launch a book with the most relevant information about sexual health for German youth. This approach not only ensured authenticity and reliability but also created significant media resonance without excessive costs. A streamlined launch campaign, including select events and digital assets, further fuelled the book's success as both a commercial product and a free resource for schools.

Following the book's triumph, thjnk expanded the campaign with the launch of a website. Digital media, particularly on TikTok, played a key role in promoting the website, which caught the attention of the German Minister of Health.

The initial book sold over 20,000 copies and continues to enjoy popularity. It has been widely acclaimed by educators and students alike, and is now extensively used in sex education classes across Germany. Additionally, the campaign’s TikTok channel, launched alongside the website, has reached over 6m people and continues to grow rapidly. The most significant achievement of the campaign is the collaboration with the German Ministry of Health. This collaboration has not only enhanced visibility but also enabled direct cooperation with hundreds of schools nationwide and has resulted in the design of modern sexual education classes. The publicly accessible database provides teaching materials and further support which reach hundreds of thousands of teachers and students every day.