Ogilvy: Regal Spring’s Heaven Fish

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Ogilvy: Regal Spring’s Heaven Fish

Turning a unique phenomenon into an opportunity for the people of Honduras

During the rainy season, something strange happens in Yoro, Honduras. Miraculously, fish 'fall' from the sky. ‘Rain of fish’ is a unique phenomenon that occurs due to nearby tornadoes, and Regal Springs has transformed it into a sustainable and socially responsible modern enterprise called Heaven Fish.

In partnership with the people of Yoro, Ogilvy gathered, registered and authenticated every fish with a protected designation of origin, giving the people of Yoro exclusive rights to distribute these increasingly valuable fish for the benefit of their families and community. Heaven Fish promotes sustainable economic growth, conscious consumerism and responsible fish farming.

Every time the phenomenon occurs, Regal Springs will receive the fish from the Yoro villagers and incorporate them into its product line, making them a seasonal gourmet product. So now, cloudy days represent a business opportunity.

Regal Springs has gained significant engagement and reach with chefs, restaurants and food enthusiasts from all over having tasted Heaven Fish. The use of eco-friendly packaging made from banana peel aligns with the campaign's emphasis on sustainability and has also helped to increase engagement with consumers.

Since its launch, Heaven Fish has been proving its worth. More than 25% of Yoro’s residents have signed up for the programme, with even more requesting to join. The first batch of Heaven Fish sold out to local restaurants within three days of launching the website. This initial success has led to 200+ distribution deals.