Grey: Coca-Cola’s Christmas Always Finds A Way

A collage of stills from Coca-Cola's Christmas films in abstract golden glitter

Grey: Coca-Cola’s Christmas Always Finds A Way

Transforming festive advertising in a changing media landscape

During the Christmas season, Grey collaborated with Coca-Cola to create the world's first global multilingual Christmas mini-series. Placed strategically on Amazon Prime Video alongside popular holiday classics, the initiative aimed to provide fresh and engaging content to viewers that enabled Coca-Cola – already famous for its Christmas adverts – to stand out from its peers.

While many brands were producing emotional TV ads, Coca-Cola and Grey responded to the rise of streaming which was overtaking linear broadcasting. The result was an anthology of festive stories that featured three captivating tales across comedy, drama and romance genres, challenging the traditional Christmas narrative.

Launching the mini-series on Amazon Prime Video, the campaign reached an extensive audience across 148 countries and 14 languages. Viewers were treated to stories such as a Mexican drama portraying a city's disillusionment with Christmas, an American comedy delving into a vampire's struggle to impress its partners family, and a French romance rekindling lost love. The mini-series brought the magic of Christmas, the significance of togetherness, and the discovery of extraordinary moments in ordinary life, tying into Coca-Cola’s brand identity.

By delivering over 39 minutes of high-quality entertainment, Coca-Cola and Grey surpassed the trend of short social ads. The campaign achieved a significant global volume sales growth of 0.6%, demonstrating the impact of the campaign’s creative approach, which adapted to changing media landscapes and captivated audiences worldwide with a fresh and innovative Christmas campaign.