Hogarth and EssenceMediacom: Sky’s Gigafast

Image of person running towards a gate to Sky's Gigafast metaverse experience

Hogarth and EssenceMediacom: Sky’s Gigafast

Launching Sky into the metaverse

Fast, reliable internet has become an essential utility in the modern world. Sky wanted to drive awareness of its new game-changing fibre optic broadband product, Gigafast.

Partnering with SuperAwesome (an Epic Games company), Hogarth and EssenceMediacom proposed a takeover of a new level in Fortnite, plus a virtual race for gamers where the winner would have the unique prize of racing a famous YouTuber in the final. The agencies pushed every creative element of the game, ensuring that the Sky brand was accurately represented and adding new features never seen before.

For it to resonate with gamers, it was crucial that Sky’s involvement added real value to the Fortnite community. The branded integration provided a truly enhanced speed experience in-game. To help keep the experience authentic and credible, the agencies partnered with top YouTuber, Ali A, who amplified the challenge to 18m+ followers live across YouTube and TikTok.

Sky saw overall sales increase by 27% throughout the campaign period, with Gigafast sales increasing by 26% in the first two weeks alone.