WPP Open X: The Coca Cola Company’s Sprite Limelight

Chinese pop star playing in front of crowd looking at a Sprite bottle

WPP Open X: The Coca Cola Company’s Sprite Limelight

Launching a pioneering global music platform to connect with GenZ

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In the face of fierce competition in the beverages industry, younger generations are a key market to unlock. Sprite, an established global brand had the challenge of winning over Gen Z and remaining relevant to the younger market. Working in a partnership with MediaCom as part of WPP’s Open X team, Sprite launched its new brand proposition "Heat Happens, Stay Cool" via a campaign targeted at young consumers over the warm summer months.

Seizing the opportunity to connect with the 62% of Gen Z consumers who actively use music to lift their mood, the brand launched a pioneering global music platform Sprite Limelight. The platform uses music to deepen the relevance of Sprite’s Heat Happens, Stay Cool message with young consumers.

Responding to the insight that Gen Z  like to make things their own, Sprite worked with international producer James Blake to create music that could be re-interpreted by artists worldwide, including Hua Chenyu and 33 other Chinese artists.  

Enhancing the experience with advanced AI audio synthesis technology, Sprite also launched the first-ever AI DIY music experience in the market, creating Sprite’s own No Fear of Heat single with personalised music and lyrics. Listeners could remix the track, meaning that Gen Z consumers went from being just music streamers to music producers.

Sprite Limelight app showing the UX across different screens

MediaCom and Sprite also hosted four summer music festivals at summer resorts and water parks around the country. Connecting the on and offline experience, MediaCom built an online Sprite music hall to livestream the festivals in the virtual world. The peak number of simultaneous attendees at the music hall topped 9.8 million – setting a new benchmark for the market.

The campaign garnered 580 million song plays and was the most viewed content in the market. This was also translated to positive business performance, driving a 10% increase on sales performance YoY and an increase in the weekly drinker recruitment rate of 35% YoY.