MediaCom: Coca-Cola’s Douyin ZaiZai Party

Avatar characters gathered around a pool relaxing in the summer and drinking Coca Cola

MediaCom: Coca-Cola’s Douyin ZaiZai Party

Hosting GenZ at the virtual party of the summer

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Keeping Coca-Cola iconic among young generations is one of WPP OpenX’s missions. This summer, MediaCom China brought in Douyin, a large interactive short video platform (an equivalent of TikTok), to convert more young people into loyal consumers. It did this by hosting a virtual summer party with the theme “Coca Cola’s Douyin ZaiZai” (or TikTok avatar).


The campaign launched at the start of the summer with branded self-made avatars and eight hangout scenes that play on popular GenZ themes and locations – like Baojinli (Hug Koe, meaning embrace luck) and glamping or glamorous camping. GenZ users were easily able to connect with their friends on the Douyin platform and express themselves in unique style through their Douyin avatars at a very low cost.

Avatars being customised on ZaiZai

By the end of the summer, more than 54 million Douyin users attended the summer party and created one of the highest traffic peaks to date on the Douyin platform, with 26.37 billion pageviews generated. The virtual party also successfully reached business goals, expanding the target audience by 17% and increasing GenZ market penetration.

MediaCom China, as part of WPP's OpenX team, was also able to demonstrate the true value of metaverse engagement in its primitive stage, bringing the young generation together in a new way that remained true to Coca-Cola’s brand.