Ogilvy: Amazon Prime Video's Staraoke

Rome's night sky with the words Laura Pausini Placere di Conoscerti written in the sky by purple drones

Ogilvy: Amazon Prime Video’s Staraoke

Transforming Rome’s night sky with drones and art

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Laura Pausini is one of the most successful and admired Italian singers around the world, having risen to fame in the 1990’s and holding the title of the first female Italian artist to ever win a Grammy Award.

To launch Laura Pausini’s new film “Laura Pausini – Piacere di conoscerti” on Amazon Prime Video, Ogilvy transformed Rome’s night sky into a giant karaoke screen.

A historical first in the city, the sky was filled with over 500 drones 100 metres above the Colosseum Archaeological Park. The drones flew amidst the wonders of the Imperial Forums, synchronised with the music and the lyrics of Pausini's song “Scatola” . The song lyrics were projected onto the night sky, creating lines about 130 metres wide and 60 metres high, visible up to 1 kilometre away.

In parallel to the unique lightshow, over 2000 people had the chance to witness a live concert with Laura Pausini, who joined her fans to share the spectacle and sing along together.

Ogilvy Italia won a Bronze Lion in the Music category and two Silver Lion in Outdoor category for Staraoke at the Cannes Lions Festival 2022.