MediaCom: Walgreen’s Vaccine Readiness Model

Woman having band aid put on after injection

MediaCom: Walgreen’s Vaccine Readiness Model

Helping to vaccinate the United States against COVID-19

With misinformation running rampant, some people were hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. And because the supply and geographical distribution of doses were unpredictable, reliable sources became paramount.

So, Walgreens asked MediaCom to help, focusing on three main goals: building brand trust with Walgreens for the vaccine, driving vaccine appointments and delivering 30 million COVID-19 vaccines.

To do this MediaCom had to identify and reach those who were most likely to want the shot and meet fluctuating demand – based on changes to individual mindsets and changes in cases by area.

First, the agency created a Vaccine Readiness Model, using a wide range of behavioural, cultural and mindset factors affecting vaccine uptake across the United States, to identify vaccine readiness in real-time, amid ever-changing attitudes and supply availability.

The next step was to include Walgreens store location information and pull in audiences within a five-mile radius, reaching those most likely to make an appointment with the right messages at the right time, and helping the ‘vaccine-hesitant’ to become the ‘vaccine-ready’.

Through the combination of integrated data insight, modelling and media message delivery via programmatic platforms, the team created one of the most successful data-led campaigns in the world, achieving its objectives and providing millions of Americans with protection against COVID-19.

The campaign saw a 43% increase in vaccine appointments and a 47% increase in media engagements.