Mindshare: Nature Valley’s 10,000 Miles

Man standing with arms spread enjoying nature

Mindshare: Nature Valley’s 10,000 Miles

Inspiring people to reconnect with nature

Connecting people with nature has always been at the heart of the Nature Valley brand. To enable more people to recharge and explore America’s national parks, the General Mills brand has completed a three-year 10,000-mile restoration initiative that covers 19 national parks in 16 states. The brand has also pledged an additional $3 million to work with the National Park Foundation and restore another 10,000 miles of trails.

Mindshare’s content studio Content+ worked with Hamilton star Daveed Diggs to celebrate this initiative by creating a music video reimagining The Proclaimer’s classic 80’s tune “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.

The video features Diggs and others gallivanting through the woods singing the song’s repurposed lyrics, with the hope that the catchy tune inspires more people get outside and explore.