Wunderman Thompson: Vodafone Egypt’s Stay Home, Stay Connected


Wunderman Thompson: Vodafone Egypt’s Stay Home, Stay Connected

Solving the paradox of Ramadan celebrations and COVID-19 restrictions

Ramadan is usually known as the month of togetherness, but this year was different; COVID-19 forced friends and families to stay apart during a special time.

As a telecommunications brand that promotes a better future through human connectedness, Vodafone Egypt wanted to do something that promoted the spirit of togetherness while allowing people to stay safe. So, along with Wunderman Thompson Cairo (WTC), it launched the Stay Home, Stay Connected campaign.

In collaboration with a line-up of celebrities, the campaign launched with pre-Ramadan entertainment where local celebrities provided content that reflected what they do best. Then, on the first day of Ramadan, the campaign’s main film aired. It showcased how millions of Egyptians will always stand by one another and help each other get through tough times.

The film was shot remotely, by sending sterilised cameras to celebrities’ homes, so their friends and families could film them. Guided by the director, agency and client through a Zoom conference call, the shoot took a total of 10 days, with teams joining from Cairo to Manchester. With everyone involved connecting via a laptop, it meant no one had to leave the safety of their home.