Ogilvy: H&M Social Stylist


Ogilvy: H&M Social Stylist

An intelligent algorithm designed to answer the daily styling needs of millions of consumers

The Chinese market has become an increasingly complex ecosystem for fashion brands like H&M. While players in this space continue to spend big on established ecommerce platforms, they are also seeking to engage new audiences through social content. In this highly competitive landscape, Ogilvy had to rethink how to attract a sophisticated young audience and continue to meet H&M’s growth targets.

After analysing key business processes, they conceived and created a virtual personal stylist which could predict what shoppers wanted and offer them products tailored to their needs. The personal stylist was a data-powered system that collected millions of multi-channel data points in real time and transformed unique customer insights into personalised content.

Users were encouraged to share their personal styles within their network. As those who drove further engagement earned rewards, Ogilvy effectively converted social influence into sales.

The campaign drove a 400% uplift in H&M WeChat followers and increased ecommerce traffic by five times.