AKQA: Baco Exu do Blues Bluesman


AKQA: Baco Exu do Blues Bluesman

AKQA Sâo Paulo was awarded a Grand Prix in Entertainment for Music for the Brazilian rapper

The Brazilian rapper Baco Exu do Blues makes music for “anyone who has ever felt oppressed, subjugated or devalued, and does not want to be in that place”. His second album Bluesman explores issues of national inequality and oppression, and it needed more than a traditional music video to convey its message.

To engage all viewers in the quest for equality and peace, AKQA Sâo Paulo made a seven-minute film made in collaboration with the Coala Festival, one of Brazil’s biggest independent music festivals.

Soundtracked by three songs from Baco’s new album — Preto e Prata (Black and Silver), Queima Minha Pele (Burning My Skin) and the title track Bluesman — the film embraces universal themes such as growing up and growing old, faith, family and friendship.

Following the release of the film, Baco Exu do Blues has harnessed his platform to challenge bigotry and injustice and has become an inspirational social force for Brazil.

The album and film have received a string of awards and have generated 20 million YouTube views and a 495% increase in the artist’s monthly Spotify listeners. The film has sparked an important new debate on institutionalised racism and has inspired a national movement whereby people are identifying themselves as ‘Bluesman’ in support of Baco Exu do Blues’ message.

AKQA’s involvement in the Bluesman project included the video, which was directed by Douglas Bernardt of Stink Films, cover art and launch event.

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