Wunderman Thompson: HP Australia Break Down The Beast


Wunderman Thompson: HP Australia Break Down The Beast

Made from 2,400 recycled plastic bottles, the Beast weighs 200kg and stands four metres high

A report by HP and Planet Ark found that Australians rate marine plastic pollution as their top concern when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Adopting a new approach on sustainability and bringing the size of the plastic problem to life, HP Australia via Wunderman Bienalto launched a campaign that personified the scale of waste HP and partners break down frequently. The waste 'Beast' was made from 2,400 recycled plastic bottles, weighed 200kg and stood four meters high.

Taking a dedicated team of engineers and builders four weeks to build, the 200kg Beast was designed specifically to engage the public with the environmental cause it represents. Following the installation, the Beast was recycled via Close the Loop, a premier sustainability solutions provider, with zero waste to landfill.

Alongside the Beast, a team of ambassadors spoke to the public about what the Beast represented, helping educate them on the extent of the plastic pollution issue and offering simple actions Australians can take every day to help tackle the growing problem.

The Beast represents the millions of kilograms of plastic bottles HP diverts from our oceans and landfill every year by breaking them down and using them in the manufacture of Original HP ink and toner cartridges.

These cartridges in turn enter a closed loop recycling process when customers return them into programs like C4PA. HP has already recycled 8.3 million plastic bottles into print ink and toner cartridges and, in Australia alone, has recycled over 11 million cartridges via C4PA (as of August 2018).


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