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Ogilvy: Dove “I’m Fine”

Educating children on body confidence to help tackle self-esteem issues

The Dove Self-Esteem Project exists in 140 countries around the world and is committed to reaching 40 million young people by 2020. It is the biggest self-esteem education programme of its kind in the world today and aims to ensure the next generation grows up with a positive association with who they are and how they look.  

The initiative’s vision is to empower girls to view beauty as a source of confidence, not anxiety. 

Young people’s perception of the world and themselves can be heavily influenced by the images they see on screen, so Dove formed a unique partnership with Cartoon Network’s popular Steven Universe cartoon series to highlight academically validated research in self-esteem and body confidence. The result was six short Steven Universe cartoons proven to help positively impact body confidence.

To spread awareness of this new approach, Dove and Ogilvy UK have introduced a series of videos as part of a new “I’m Fine” campaign. 

The bespoke animations delve into the individual stories of four girls battling with self-esteem issues from the USA, Brazil, Mexico and France, told in their own words. 

The series of films deconstruct the phrase “I’m fine”, providing an unfiltered insight into self-esteem issues to help kickstart more open conversations with the support of Dove’s self-esteem education tools.

In turning these courageous individual, yet universal, stories into musical performances and accompanying bespoke animation, all in local languages, the films work to illuminate self-esteem issues to adults and parents worldwide. 

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