Wunderman: Fundación Huesped Talking Numbers

Wunderman Talking Numbers

Wunderman: Fundación Huesped Talking Numbers

A partnership with Argentine non-profit Aids awareness group to shake people out of apathy

Wunderman Buenos Aires worked with Fundación Huesped to help reach the 30% of people who are unaware that theyre carrying HIV with a powerful, personal and relevant message. By converting Argentina’s general HIV information from health organisations, NGOs, and media into insight-statistics, and then segmenting and personalising them relevantly for different people, the messages aimed to encourage more people to get tested.

In 70 medical centres across the country, during Aids week, machines that assign appointments in clinics were transformed into intelligent computers to resonate with the people who went to get their routine blood test. Instead of providing the ticket with a usual appointment number, the machine handed a ticket with a number corresponding to a shocking HIV statistic relevant to the patient. Using geolocation and face recognition technology that analysed each person’s age and gender, HIV statistics were personalised according to the person requiring an appointment.

When it was their turn to be called in by the doctor, their ticket’s HIV statistic was shown on the displays, making them reflect and act on the importance of getting tested for HIV. A video of the activation published on the Foundations website and social media channels, enabled the initiative to grow organically.

The result was a 270% increase in HIV tests, with 22 positive test results already in treatment, and 44 million media impressions.

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