The secrets of a successful spin

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The secrets of a successful spin

Spinning a new, independent company out of an established company is no mean feat. Focus is so often on financial and strategic goals, but the human challenges are the ones to watch

People are critical to the success of a spin-off. When people and other non-financial metrics – such as brand, communications, culture, organisation and operations – are deprioritised, the risk of failure is all too often heightened.

That is why WPP has worked with Landor & Fitch, Wunderman Thompson and FGS Global to develop ‘The secrets of a successful spin’.

By understanding the unique attributes and needs of numerous clients across a range of sectors, we have identified five key principles that companies contemplating spinning a company out of an existing company would do well to consider. These are:

  1. Embrace the opportunity for unique business transformation
  2. Prioritise culture
  3. Motivate and inspire people, across all levels
  4. Embrace change – build trust
  5. Bring HR and marketing together

A people-centric approach will guide companies through the excitement, turbulence and satisfaction of creating something new and valuable.