Still image of the entrance to eCycleLand in Animal Crossing

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Intel’s eCycleLand

Creating the first in-game e-cycling centre

ECOCLIC cardboard box prototype on a light background

30 May 2023

Landor & Fitch: P&G’s ECOCLIC

Revolutionising packaging accessibility

Rosalía with Coke move can

30 May 2023

AKQA, Ogilvy and WPP Open X: Coca-Cola’s Coke Move

Bringing to life the transformational power of music

Image of Black woman with side0by-side of different hairstyles

30 May 2023

Ogilvy: Dove’s #BlackHairIsProfessional

Ending hair discrimination in the workplace

Virtual target showing on top of a Coca-Cola logo

30 May 2023

VMLY&R COMMERCE: The Coca-Cola Company’s I See Coke

Opening new routes to market with a creative commerce solution

collage of nike ads

30 May 2023

AKQA: Nike’s 50th Anniversary

Honouring the past and inventing the future

Brightly coloured Ford van with man standing next to it

30 May 2023

VMLY&R: Ford Motor Company’s #MakeItVisible

Building awareness of male suicide and promoting the front seats of a vehicle as a safe space to talk

Image of women turning their backs to the camera

30 May 2023

DAVID and Ogilvy: Dove’s #TurnYourBack

Challenging beauty standards on social media

Green Aston Martin Valkyirie car on a green background with glowing green and pulsating visualisations in the background

30 May 2023

Design Bridge and Partners: Aston Martin’s Intensity.Driven.

Combining data and human emotion for ultra-luxury automotive distinction

Hand holding up Receipt

25 May 2023

Grey: University Zumbi dos Palmares’ Receipts to Keep Fighting

Uniting businesses to tackle racism and ignite change

Abebe Bikila as Icarus coming out of an oil painting

25 May 2023

AKQA: Abebe Bikila’s Neo Icarus

A Greek myth retold for the present

Metaverse mystery box in a Chinese city

09 May 2023

GTB: Changan Ford’s Metaverse in a Mystery Box

Revolutionising brand identity by blending the metaverse and reality

Image from Ogilvy and Workday's Super Bowl Ad - Member of KISS on stage

10 Feb 2023

WPP at Super Bowl LVII

Showcasing WPP’s world-class creativity

Image showing Volvo car on phone screen

19 Jan 2023

Grey: Volvo’s Street Configurator

Transforming cities into showrooms

Presenters with VR headsets on

15 Dec 2022

Hill+ Knowlton Strategies: Meta’s Metaverse Interview

Facilitating Spain’s first ever broadcast interview in the metaverse

Image of Eurotubers

15 Dec 2022

Wavemaker: Burger King’s EuroTubers

Transforming the beautiful game with YouTube stars

Glitched image of a Burger King meal

27 Sep 2022

DAVID: Burger King’s Burger Glitch

Glitches in the gaming world are annoying. Until you get rewarded for finding them

Two of the fake footballers from the campaign

22 Sep 2022

Mirum Agency: DIRECTV GO’S The Pirate Match

Curbing illegal streaming by broadcasting a fake football match