Wavemaker: Burger King’s EuroTubers

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Wavemaker: Burger King’s EuroTubers

Transforming the beautiful game with YouTube stars

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The UEFA Euro 2021 football championship, although delayed by a year due to the global pandemic, was billed as one of the most viewed sporting events of the year. Over 328 million fans watched the final and 5.23 billion people tuned in across the whole tournament. This meant that alongside the fans and players, hundreds of brands were competing to be seen.

Burger King wanted to be the key player of the football event of the year in Spain, but didn’t want to invest in expensive sponsorship deals.

In a historical first, Burger King appointed Wavemaker to create a parallel broadcast of all the matches in Spain with the official television broadcaster, Mediaset. Rather than work with the usual sports commentators, Burger King enlisted the help of top Spanish YouTubers famous for their FIFA abilities.

Burger King recruited Dj Mariio (7.1 million followers), Kolderiu (1.7 million followers), Cacho01 (1.6 million followers) and Robert PG (5.6 million followers) to bring the games to life for fans. The parallel matches were broadcast across platforms with a large share of young audiences, including TV, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

The digital campaign amassed a total of 19.3 million viewers across the tournament and resulted in Burger King being one of the top three brands most associated with the Euros 2021 in Spain. The campaign was among the Top 5 YouTube trends during the championship and Burger King saw a five-point increase in purchase intention.