VMLY&R: Maxx Flash’s The Killer Pack

Killer pack packaging

VMLY&R: Maxx Flash’s The Killer Pack

Packaging designed to prevent a health crisis

Life-threatening diseases such as dengue and malaria were on the rise in certain areas of India. Unusually, this wasn’t just in wet season – even in dry season, cases were climbing upwards.

While people were using mosquito repellents to fight mosquitoes inside the home, disease control authorities were alarmed by new breeding grounds popping up outside homes at rubbish collection points. These dumps were providing optimal conditions for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, creating an explosion in numbers.

Maxx Flash, a mosquito coil brand that helps fight mosquitoes inside homes, wanted to stamp out the mosquito menace at these breeding grounds. To answer the brief, VMLY&R created The Killer Pack. The 100% biodegradable packaging was lined and printed with active ingredients that kill mosquito larvae in the places they breed most, such as garbage dumps, dustbins, ponds, stagnant water or stormwater drains. A clever but long-lasting solution to a deadly issue.