Townhouse is a Production Agency – beyond a production company or department, we bring strategy to the production process. Production Strategy takes a much broader view of a client’s marketing goals and production spend than the typical “one-off” approach. This allows us to tailor the best approach for delivering effective content more quickly and efficiently.Townhouse operates with a Creative First approach. We recognize the critical role of talent and prioritize it at every stage of the process, from production management to the makers who create and deliver.Integration forms the core of our culture. It shapes our thinking, our workflow and most importantly, what we’re capable of delivering. By reducing friction between ideas and execution, Townhouse enables work that is original, consistent and relevant, to make an impact in a crowded media landscape.Townhouse is a network of content creation studios in North America and Latin America. We offer a unique production model that focuses on flexibility and choice; providing integrated content solutions that leverage our network to drive creativity and efficiencies.