A single thought has the power to change everything. The agency group thjnk was founded by Karen Heumann, Armin Jochum and Michael Trautmann in Hamburg in August 2012. Today, the founders Karen Heumann and Armin Jochum together with Ulrich Pallas and Horst Wagner make up the management of thjnk AG serving a diverse portfolio of clients. Its services range from advising on all aspects of strategic brand positioning through to developing media-neutral, integrated, 360-degree communications concepts. The design agency loved is the agency group’s corporate identity, corporate design and content marketing specialist. upljft – thjnk’s joint venture with the tech company facelift – focuses on social advertising and provides what only a very few can: one-stop strategy, creation, data and technology. thjnk also crafted tailor-made solutions for McDonald’s and thyssenkrupp. LEO’S THJNK TANK – is a joint venture which manages brand communications for McDonald’s in Germany. And the collaboration that started when thyssenkrupp named thjnk its lead agency has since engendered another customised agency: BOBBY&CARL.
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