Mando develop promotional rewards and incentives which are born from science, then wrapped in creativity. We utilise data grounded with reasoning, combined with our insight to help you deliver exactly what your consumers and employees want. From using our unique data and expertise we provide complete solutions including promotional risk management, prepaid incentives and brand partnerships, which continuously help create some of the world’s most memorable marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes. How we can help you: Promotional Risk Management Fixed Fee is the ability to mitigate promotional risk by taking all costs associated with a promotion and wrapping this into one fee that protects you from over-redemption. Brilliant Data-fuelled Partnerships We design brilliant partnerships and rewards based on the smart use of cutting-edge data and insight, using our specially built Partnership Engine™. Prepaid Rewards Our card uses prepaid technology to put a practically unlimited array of rewards in the palm of your employee’s or customer’s hand. The innovative reward and entirely brandable card can be spent anywhere that accepts Mastercard (that’s over 36 million outlets worldwide, both in-store and online). Promotional Marketing Services We can also take care of all your promotional marketing needs across the UK and Europe from start to finish. What we can cover: - Promotional consultancy - Handling & fulfilment - Legal consultancy - Terms and conditions - Prize sourcing - IT & technical support
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