InDomo is a WPP company that helps companies achieve a break-through in marketing performance and commerce by breaking organizational silos and creating integrated teams that work together with clear and common objectives to drive business impact with a focus on e-commerce, accelerating digital transformation and commerce in a manageable and scalable way. InDomo focuses on leveraging data efficiently to build a complete picture of both the business/sales challenge and the consumers they are targeting, aligning business targets back to marketing objectives and media targets. By starting small, experimenting, testing and learning, InDomo helps companies reimagine and rewire their marketing efforts for remarkable results with the consumer and digital at the core driving digital and e-commerce transformation. InDomo leverages talented agency skills alongside internal capabilities in aligned cross-functional in-house teams. InDomo uses in-housing smartly to unlock greater return on investment for market spend and give organizations the flexibility to respond with agility to changing market situations that is required in the Digital Age. In-housing is always a means to an end, not an end in itself.