Introducing GTB! You probably remember us as either Team Detroit, Retail First or Blue Hive. But those names are not really representative of who we are. Because while our largest client has its headquarters in Detroit, they are also global. Our other clients are global too. And part of the reason those companies like us is that we have offices everywhere, Dallas, the Bay Area, Shanghai, Brazil, and 44 other cities. And clients want “it”: TV, Web, Print, Direct, Media, Social, CRM. We’ve got it. And then some. We’re like no other. We combine everything under one global roof to create some of the most memorable and effective advertising anywhere. We were born different, founded to create an entirely new model of collaboration and give marketers access to the breadth of WPP’s talent, ideas and tools. The result? An agency that truly works at the intersection of business and everything imaginable. Welcome to GTB.
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