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deepblue networks is a Germany based agency. Our staff of 140 employees is using a diverse set of media channels like TV, Print, OOH and digital to deliver coherent advertising messages. Our Credo is “Ideas. Love. Technology.” IDEAS. We believe in ideas that inspire, encourage participation and create brand personalities. LOVE. We love what we do and we do it with love - for detail, the product, the brand and technology. TECHNOLOGY. We lead brands into the future of communication by combining creativity with impressive technology. Forward Thinking The boundaries between traditional and digital media are increasingly blurred. There are interactive posters, tweeting house plants und mobile apps that help us in our daily life. The digital progress provides a large scope for communication, but also requires great in-depth knowledge. As an agency, we not only make use of the brand's familiar touch points, but enthusiastically detect new ones, in order to frequently utilize them in unexpected ways. Services Our services include Strategy & Consulting (marketing, digital and data), Marketing Campaign Development, Infrastructure and Operations (site design & technical development, web publishing & content, CMS & eCRM operations, E-Commerce).
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