Blue State

Blue State is a values-driven, full-service agency that inspires people to action and create real-world change. When an organization wants to mobilize people around a common purpose, they come to us. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we know where to find them: in people. We listen, learn, and uncover new insights that often surprise us and our clients — and move us toward better results. We got our start on the campaign trail, pioneering the use of digital technology to open up the democratic process. Since then, we’ve expanded to offices in New York, DC, Oakland, Chicago, and London and extended our partnership to leading causes, campaigns, and companies — working across strategy, creative, data, and technology to raise millions for nonprofits, shape legislation and public opinion, and connect consumers with brands.At Blue State, we build a culture of equity and inclusion through shared working agreements that create the space for diverse perspectives. Because we know that our differences make us smarter — and our work stronger.