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Change, challenge and opportunity require new ways of looking at things. From its first publication in 1995, to 2022's edition, that is what the Atticus Journal achieves – a fresh perspective

Mark Read CBE

Chief Executive Officer

The Journal is terrific and such a great way to unite and inspire the WPP culture

Angela Ahrendts DBE

Atticus Awards Senior Judge and WPP Non-Executive Director

Angela Ahrendts DBE

The Atticus Awards and the Atticus Journal recognise our people’s original thinking on the issues shaping our business, industry and society. Such thinking shapes the practical work that underpins the creative transformation of both ourselves at WPP and our clients.

The awards are open exclusively to everyone working at WPP and its agencies, across the globe. They comprise 10 core categories that reflect the span of our company, ranging from Creativity with Purpose and Brand Experience to Data and Technology-powered Innovation. There is also a New Talent essay award, open to colleagues who have worked in the industry for less than five years. Competition entries are judged by a panel of our senior leaders, with edited versions of the winning, highly-commended and shortlisted submissions being published in the Journal.

2022 Atticus Award winners

Congratulations to Tatjana Damgaard, Johanna Krämer, Anja Irlenbusch, Patrick Lindner, Lisa Gauss and Nele Boquoi (GroupM, [m]SCIENCE), for winning the overall Grand Prix, the Adam Smith Award, and the media category for their entry How the War in Ukraine Impacts Behaviour.

Other category winners were Rachel Hogan and Gareth Jones (Wunderman Thompson); Michael Lombardi (Ogilvy Consulting) and Alex Warner (VMLY&R); Marie Stafford, Sarah Tilley, Jamie Shackleton, Francesca Lewis and Carla Calandra (Wunderman Thompson); Joseph Gilligan, Minos Makris and the wider marketing team’s (Wunderman Thompson Commerce); Angus McLean and Randy Kohl (Gorilla Group); Josie Klafkowska and Mateusz Chromiński (Wunderman Thompson Technology); Linna Zhao (Wavemaker); and Peter Petermann (Wunderman Thompson).

GroupM and Mindshare secured the Corporate Award for Calculating a Cleaner Future Now, and Christina Fusco-House won the New Talent award for an essay on the safeguards needed to make the metaverse as equitable and inclusive as possible.

Runners-up and authors awarded a merit or highly-commended


Illustration of person, buildings that have been damaged and trees all in blue, green and grey

06 Dec 2022

How the war in Ukraine impacts behaviour

When it comes to dealing with the war in Ukraine, seven different consumer coping strategies – including emotional retreat and surrender to fate – have emerged among consumers. [m]SCIENCE’s qualitative experts explain the role of brands in offering support in times of crisis

Illustration on person and plant growing out of a seed

06 Dec 2022

Navigating business transformation

As brands and organisations turn their focus toward growth, four areas – health, racial awareness, climate change and economic recovery – will require attention, say Rachel Hogan and Gareth Jones

Outline of a face made out of arrows on red background

06 Dec 2022

The future of B2B

Michael Lombardi and Alex Warner explore all the changes impacting commerce and show how any business leader can drive the future of the adaptive business

Illustration of girl walking up a mountain, mountain shows the figure 90%

06 Dec 2022

Inspiration drives growth

The desire for inspiration is one of the strongest human drivers of all. And in marketing, too, a lot can be achieved with inspiration, says Peter Petermann.

Illustration of rocket tacking off and planets on colourful background

06 Dec 2022

Space commerce

Joseph Gilligan and Minos Makris explain why the commercial opportunities of space should be on businesses’ radars

Person sat in a chair watching TV with a backdrop of nature including trees, rabbits, deer and birds

06 Dec 2022

Calculating a cleaner future

This GroupM framework aims to create a robust methodology for measuring emissions across the media supply chain to accelerate decarbonisation of the industry

Illustration of group of diverse people on purple background

06 Dec 2022

Inclusion’s next wave

Being inclusive helps to shape better brands and businesses and, more importantly, results in a better world – and a better future – for everyone. By Marie Stafford and Sarah Tilley

Illustrations of colourful graphs to represent data

06 Dec 2022

Data and AI can predict success

Nearly half of promotions lose money. Angus McLean and Randy Kohl look at some of the most effective promotional tactics for defining and measuring promotion effectiveness using deeper promotion analysis

Illustration of people and shapes in bright colours

06 Dec 2022

We must learn from our mistakes

It is vital for us to learn from our mistakes before it’s too late to safeguard the next version of the internet, the metaverse, writes Christina Fusco-House

Illustration of people riding a bike next to people in a car

06 Dec 2022

Unseen: mobility is more than cars

UNSEEN, from Linna Zhao, Wavemaker China, and Tongji University, is a documentary series that investigates trends in value and ecosystem transformation – with the first episode focusing on The Third Space, or vehicles

Colourful shapes set on the profile of a face

06 Dec 2022

Brand Guardian helps navigate DE&I

Discover how an AI called Brand Guardian can assist by helping brands implement DE&I policies in their marketing

Runners-up and authors awarded a merit or highly-commended

Runners-up and authors awarded a merit or highly-commended were Jamie Hamill, Alessia Calcabrini, Alex Kibblewhite (Ogilvy Consulting), Peter Buell Hirsch (Ogilvy Consulting), Jon Goynshor (VMLY&R Commerce), Reid Litman, Ashley Wood (Ogilvy Consulting), Luc Speisser, (Landor & Fitch), Chloe Hobart (Wunderman Thompson Commerce), Josh Gallagher, Zelijana Unkovich (MediaCom, APAC), Delphine Geyskens, Evert Van den Broeck (WPP in Belgium), Rachel Lowenstein (Mindshare), Dalveer Singh, Abhishek Singh, Sandip Bansal, Sharad Varshney (GroupM), Uli Mehlhorn, Tatjana Damgaard (GroupM), Nick Cooper, Anna Kohl, Mary Zalla (Landor & Fitch), Patrick Link, Brad Backenstose, Dennis Potgraven (Wavemaker), Laura Wade, Susanna Pitts (Essence), Friederike Sandow (Scholz & Friends Family), Sarah Evans, Ella Jenkins, Paul English, Mark Dewings (Ogilvy Consulting), Jorik Houweling, Nthabi Kamala (VMLY&R), Laura de Luca, Anne Mills Coté (AKQA) and Johan Van Mol (Wunderman Thompson).