How we buy

We purchase goods and services from thousands of suppliers around the world, spending £6 billion a year on advertising production, research operations, facilities, IT and telecoms, travel and entertainment, and professional and HR services.

Our key contracts are negotiated and managed centrally by our Group Procurement Team. Preferred suppliers are appointed following evaluation against assessment criteria, including risk, operational, commercial and sustainability considerations.

What we expect from suppliers

We aim to choose suppliers who share our values and meet our standards for ethical conduct, human rights, workplace standards and the environment. Responsible sourcing reduces risks for WPP and our clients.

Our approach includes: setting clear standards; integrating sustainability criteria into supplier selection; identifying and managing risks in key areas of our supply chain; and ensuring compliance with legislation such as the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. Our expectations are described in the WPP Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers.

How we select suppliers

We evaluate all potential new suppliers against a set of business requirements before they can become a WPP supplier. These include assurance of supply, quality, service, cost, innovation and sustainability. Once selected, all our business partners and suppliers are asked to sign a copy of the WPP Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers to confirm they will abide by its principles.

Prospective suppliers

If you are looking to supply WPP with goods or services, please contact us. We check submissions regularly and will respond if we are interested in a further discussion.