WPP Onefluence led by Ogilvy PR: CeraVe’s Michael CeraVe

Actor Michael Cera holding a tub of CeraVe moisturising cream

WPP Onefluence led by Ogilvy PR: CeraVe’s Michael CeraVe

How CeraVe broke the mould at the Super Bowl

Skincare brand CeraVe teamed up with WPP Onefluence led by Ogilvy PR in North America for a campaign that invited audiences to participate in a memorable prank-like experience, only to be debunked on America’s biggest stage – the Super Bowl.

While most brands tease their spot a week before the game, CeraVe spent a month leading up to the game spreading a conspiracy theory that CeraVe was developed by a celebrity: actor Michael Cera. We partnered with a fleet of 450 influencers to fuel the speculation. We showed up on Page 6, Deux Moi, and in People Magazine, all questioning if Michael really was the founder.

Then, the brand fought back and denied the claims – including a NY Times piece – that had everyone talking around the world. Still, Cera went toe-to-toe with dermatologists to ‘prove’ he’s the master behind CeraVe. All of which led to 9 billion earned impressions BEFORE game day. The truth came out during the Super Bowl-aired TV commercial with Cera’s claims debunked by a boardroom of CeraVe dermatologists. CeraVe is (and always has been) developed with dermatologists.