Ogilvy and Mindshare: Dove’s 10 vs 10

Collage of girls and women with face paint on and the Dove logo with the text "Let's protect #thefaceof10"

Ogilvy and Mindshare: Dove’s 10 vs 10

When did 10 stop looking like 10?

In response to the increasing use of inappropriate anti-aging products by young girls, Dove and Ogilvy created "10 vs 10," a campaign to highlight how young girls are being exposed to adult skincare content.

The print and out-of-home campaign contrasts images of 10-year-old girls. On the left, carefree girls are depicted singing karaoke, wearing hats, and riding carousels. On the right, girls of the same age are shown performing anti-aging skincare routines. Beneath the images, Dove poses the question: “Why did 10 stop looking like this?”

QR codes were also used throughout the campaign, linking to free online resources to help parents and caregivers have important conversations with girls about inappropriate skincare.