DAVID: JCDecaux’s Meet Marina Prieto

Elderly woman sitting in a subway station looking at a large billboard with a photo of herself on it

DAVID: JCDecaux’s Meet Marina Prieto

An anonymous grandma takes over the subway

In Madrid, a unique advertising campaign took the city by storm, captivating thousands of daily commuters and proving that even the most unexpected personalities can become social media sensations.

Who is Marina Prieto? That's what thousands of Spaniards asked when they came across the photos of a 100-year-old in Madrid's subway stations.

JCDecaux and DAVID Madrid aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Metro advertising. By creating a buzz, they highlighted how well-placed ads in high-traffic areas could penetrate public consciousness and generate significant word-of-mouth.

The concept was simple yet powerful: showcase Marina Prieto, an endearing centenarian with a zest for life, in various everyday scenarios. From celebrating her 100th birthday to enjoying a leisurely nap, Marina’s genuine moments were displayed on posters throughout the Metro stations. These posters featured her Instagram handle (@marinaprieto1923), inviting the public to follow her journey. People started searching for Marina, discussing her on social media, and even taking selfies with the photos. The question on every Spaniard's mind was: who is this lady, and how did she end up there?

Before the campaign, Marina’s Instagram account had a following of 28 people. However, as commuters began to interact with her story, her follower count skyrocketed to over 5,000.

The campaign’s success in driving online engagement underscored a critical point: Metro advertising can seamlessly bridge the gap between offline and online worlds, turning passive observers into active participants.