Grey Healthcare Group acquires search marketing specialist Catalyst

2 Aug 2006

Grey Healthcare Group (GHG), a WPP company and one of the world’s largest healthcare communications companies, announced today that it has acquired Boston-based Catalyst on-line (Catalyst), a specialized advertising, marketing, and consulting firm with targeted expertise in the fast growing internet search marketplace. Catalyst has 8 years of experience in search-engine optimization, working primarily for companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It provides both natural- and paid- search services, in addition to Web site design, development, and consulting.

As the Internet continues to grow as a medium for communication and commerce, companies are placing increased importance on effective search-engine marketing (SEM) strategies in an effort to achieve top search engine rankings, grow customer mind share, and gain competitive advantages. As a result, companies are increasingly turning to SEM solutions providers, such as Catalyst, to play a strategic role in maximizing both their Internet presence and their and return on investment (ROI).

“SEM is one of the fastest growing areas in the digital media space and Catalyst is a perfect complement to GHG’s suite of interactive companies,” says Lynn O’Connor Vos, CEO of Grey Healthcare Group, Inc. “It has developed search capabilities that enable clients to reach the most receptive areas of the market and provide the greatest ROI, which is exactly what clients need and want.”

A Competitive Advantage

GHG provides clients multi-channel marketing, supported by a well-integrated network of technology-based companies. Foremost among these are Summit Grey, which specializes in utilizing unique e-technologies to efficiently and effectively extend the value of offline medical education programs online, and Avenue Grey, which develops integrated direct-to-consumer and direct-to-patient marketing, e-health, and adherence programs for pharmaceutical and health products.

“Catalyst is a terrific complement to our growing capabilities, with its proven leadership team and track record of success,” says Sharon Callahan, President of Summit Grey. “It has unrivaled SEM expertise in healthcare, and having them on the GHG team gives us and our clients a great competitive advantage.”

The company’s founders, Heather Frahm and Beth LeTendre, will continue to lead Catalyst from its Boston office, managing its expanding client base which includes Biogen Idec, Novartis, and Pfizer.

“GHG has long been seen as an innovator in the digital space and understands the contribution we can make in helping expand their search capabilities,” noted Ms. Frahm.

Ms. LeTendre added that “joining GHG is great fit for our company and allows us an unprecedented opportunity to expand our offering to its growing client list.”