WPP: VodafoneZiggo’s The Magician

Girl in purple jumper sitting on a living room chair

WPP: VodafoneZiggo’s The Magician

Embedding inclusion into advertising in the Netherlands

In Dutch media, people with intellectual disabilities often face significant underrepresentation and stereotypical portrayals, perpetuating harmful misrepresentations that impact self-esteem and social inclusion .

Recognising the need for change, WPP collaborated with VodafoneZiggo to challenge these stereotypes through an inclusive advertising campaign aligned with VodafoneZiggo’s brand purpose: enjoyment and progress with every connection. The campaign centres around Tess, a young girl with Down syndrome and her brother.

Tess plays a magic trick on her brother, conveying the spirit central to VodafoneZiggo's diverse advertising approach. The deliberate choice of Tess engaging with family life aims not only to broaden representation but also to showcase the lives of individuals with disabilities positively and authentically.

The campaign earned VodafoneZiggo the Inc Award for the most inclusive advertiser at the Inc Awards in Leusden, Netherlands. This accolade recognises significant contributions to the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, underscoring VodafoneZiggo's commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and shaping societal norms for the better.