Wunderman Thompson: Augmental’s MouthPad^

Image of MouthPad^

Wunderman Thompson: Augmental’s MouthPad^

Changing the game in assistive technology

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a significant percentage of the US population lives with limited mobility or difficulty with independent living. They may struggle to use devices such as keyboards, mouses or touchscreens. While assistive technologies are advanced, they offer limited options for those with upper-limb impairments.

That is why The MouthPad^, a mouthpiece that enables users to sweep their tongue across the installed trackpad chip, was created. It tackles the challenges that people living with disabilities face in controlling electronic devices.

The custom-fit mouthpiece analyses the user’s tongue position and movement through a machine-learning algorithm, converts the data into cursor commands and sends it to electronic devices over Bluetooth. This discreet and innovative device sets a new standard for assistive devices.

Developed with universal design and inclusive technologies in mind, the needs and insights from people living with disabilities was used to ensure that the device is accessible to as many people as possible.

The MouthPad^ is on display on Augmental’s website. The campaign made a significant impact, garnering over 1.3 billion media impressions, 187.7K organic impressions, 5775% surge in website traffic within the first week and a 1,000 person waitlist