Grey New York, H+K Strategies, Landor & Fitch: Pfizer Science Will Win

Science-Will-Win Pfizer

Grey New York, H+K Strategies, Landor & Fitch: Pfizer Science Will Win

Supporting the company’s business and cultural transformation

Before the onset of the pandemic, Pfizer had asked Grey Health & Wellness to create a corporate reputation campaign, building on a brand strategy devised by Landor & Fitch to support the company’s business and cultural transformation. Science Will Win highlighted the company’s dedication to harnessing the power of science to improve people’s lives, but it soon turned into something much bigger than that. As Covid-19 took hold, Science Will Win became a rallying cry. Grey created a moving spot featuring Pfizer employees and saluting the global scientific community’s unprecedented collaborative effort to end the pandemic and restore public health. Its message was uplifting, optimistic and defiant, as Pfizer and its peers raced to create and roll out vaccines around the world, and it struck a chord with millions of viewers.

YouGov named it one of the most effective campaigns in the US in 2020, and reported that Pfizer’s advertising awareness grew by two thirds during the year.

As moves into 2021, H+K Strategies is helping the client to make scientific storytelling more accessible and inclusive, working with diverse voices to promote Pfizer’s belief that science will only win if it wins for everyone.