Wunderman Thompson: Blink. And They Are Gone

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Wunderman Thompson: Blink. And They Are Gone

Documenting the lives of the world’s indigenous communities

Photographer Jimmy Nelson launched a bid to preserve cultural diversity by issuing the caution: ‘BLINK. AND THEY’RE GONE’, a warning that if we don’t engage with indigenous cultures now, they will be gone forever. This is illustrated by a campaign conceptualised and created by Wunderman Thompson.

The film is the beginning of a wider campaign in 2019, which will see Nelson work with Wunderman Thompson to raise awareness of indigenous cultures and foster pride and respect for their irreplaceable traditions. Planet Earth is at risk of losing the cultural identities of the many of the world’s most unique indigenous people. This is a global issue and a result of many escalating factors, including industrialisation, globalisation and cultural saturation led by the increasing dominance of the internet. 

Wunderman Thompson and Nelson’s mission is to use technology – the very thing that is threatening the cultural diversity of the world – for good, to promote understanding and deeper insights across different cultures.