WPP's Data Alliance

WPP's Data Alliance is a WPP company that supports the Group's data business by enhancing access to data and data-driven marketing applications. The Data Alliance leverages a global network of expert leaders from across WPP in data investment management, analytics, CRM, media, and digital to prioritize what data is secured and how it is used. In support of operating companies, Data Alliance assists in internal and external data partnerships and connects WPP’s centers of excellence to address client data opportunities. Data Alliance was born out of a need to help operating companies across the Group navigate the evolving WPP data and technology landscape. The idea that data powers smarter marketing and delivers better value for clients has transformed WPP's business. As WPP increases its focus on becoming more data-driven and building data investment management capabilities, Data Alliance’s mission to foster collaboration across the Group and connect data is more important than ever. Launched in 2011, Data Alliance services WPP operating companies by acting as an information and resource hub, securing data partnerships and advising on data. Ultimately, Data Alliance’s goal is to enable operating companies to offer stronger data-driven marketing solutions. Data Alliance is not an operating company, but is a horizontal unit providing support across WPP. It does not sell solutions or products - its clients are the operating companies it services.
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