Creative Capital: Creativity delivers growth

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Creative Capital: Creativity delivers growth

WPP has developed a proprietary formula for measuring companies’ Creative Capital so we can understand the value of Creativity – and what it does to stock market performance

Companies with high Creative Capital enjoy higher stock market returns, better financial performance and stronger customer advocacy. These are the findings of the Creative Capital report, and this is what enables all brands in culture understand the value of their Creativity to their companies, investors and ultimately their customers. 

To have high Creative Capital, brands must have both strong Influence and high Creativity. But it is Creativity that is the kicker. Creativity is an accelerant of company growth. It is what delivers returns beyond those achieved though brand Influence alone. 

By working with WPP’s BAV®, we have been able to measure a company’s Influence, its Creativity, then combine these attributes to measure its Creative Capital. Finally, we have been able to build the Creative Capital Index, which takes the top performing brands for Creative Capital and maps those companies against stock markets to see just how much these companies with high Creative capital outperform those stock markets. 

In effect, Creative Capital is a tool that WPP can use to measure the value of a company’s Creative Capital and map that against local stock markets to deliver meaningful company information. 

The outcomes are important and compelling because BAV® is the largest, longest running and most in-depth, comprehensive brand measurement and analytics platform in the world. We have taken 30 years of category agnostic consumer data to measure companies’ Creative Capital through the eyes, hearts and minds of our audience, the consumer. 

What is clear is that no two brands are the same and every mark a brand leaves on consumers is unique. But if we can see how each brand is positioned in culture – using the right data and insights – we can then raise the bar for each brand. 

The more we know about a brand’s Influence, the better WPP can focus its efforts on creatively amplifying its impact through that brand’s Creativity. Combined, Influence and Creativity are powerful. Creative Capital is what gets results.