Lunar New Year 2023

Animated rabbits with Coca Colas

Lunar New Year 2023

WPP celebrates the Year of the Rabbit

This Lunar New Year, more than a billion people worldwide welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

While 2022's Year of the Tiger was associated with high energy, the Year of the Rabbit is about relaxation, quietness and contemplation.

Like Singles Day, Lunar New Year stands out in brands’ calendars globally. Companies are finding ways to showcase their Lunar New Year celebrations while simultaneously emphasising the importance of togetherness. Here is a round-up of some of WPP’s work to mark the festival:

OpenX by WPP: Coca-Cola

Ogilvy Shanghai, as part of the OpenX by WPP team, created a campaign for Coca-Cola that acknowledges how Lunar New Year is changing. It reflects the different ways in which generations think about tradition while still embodying the spirit of the season.

The regional campaign features a short, animated film launched across eight Asian markets, supported by an interactive AI-enhanced mobile activation, and limited-edition packaging which allows the film’s rabbit family to be experienced in AR 3D.

whiteGREY: Westfield

For Lunar New Year 2023, whiteGREY and Westfield focus on the ancient art of paper-cutting, a symbol of luck and happiness. The agency collaborated with Tianli Zu, a multidisciplinary artist born in Beijing and now Sydney-based, to create paper-cut campaign assets comprised of 12 zodiac animals and window frames decorated with good-fortune motifs.

The artwork is being used across all communications in the shopping centres as well as online, and has been adapted for use with local activations such as zodiac displays, red envelope gifts, photo zones, Lucky Box vending machines and a VR game.

A woman dressed in pink holding a flamingo, wearing a unicorn horn and man dressed in pink and smiling
A woman dressed in pink holding a flamingo, wearing a unicorn horn and man dressed in pink and smiling
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Ogilvy: KFC

Lunar New Year celebrations have evolved in the last few years, with consumers sharing their best wishes with loved ones through video, and the traditional family reunion sometimes happening online. Consequently, in-person gatherings have become even more precious than before.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, KFC, in partnership with Ogilvy Shanghai, is offering all consumers across China a bucket of joy, and is facilitating these family reunions with a new integrated campaign: A Golden Bucket is All You Need, starring boy band sensation TNT (Teens in Times).

You can watch the campaign video here.

Still from KFC Lunar New Year Campaign with TNT (Teens in Times)

Superunion: 兔getherness

This is the first year, for several years, that many people will be able to reunite with their families and loved ones over Lunar New Year. The Mandarin word for rabbit ‘兔’, which is pronounced ‘tu’, emphasises the theme for Superunion’s Lunar New Year message which emphasises that human connection is at the centre of Lunar New Year celebrations.

To bring this year’s message to life, Superunion collaborated with Hong Kong-based illustrator, designer and animator Lik Mak aka Toy Shop Boy. His love of toys transforms ordinary, daily moments into experiences in an imaginary world full of vibrant colour.

Superunion's LNY message