Cartwright & Grey: P&G The Choice

Image of white man's face with words "Now is the time to be anti-racist"

Cartwright & Grey: P&G The Choice

A film designed to move people to take action

The Choice is a film designed to move people to go beyond expressing feelings on social media and to take action.

It asks white people to use their power to tackle systemic racism and help fight the battle that Black people cannot win alone. The Choice was developed by Grey New York and Cartwright, and debuted on Oprah Winfrey’s townhall Where Do We Go From Here? in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

The film is the third in a series that began with The Talk and The Look, and which has reached huge mainstream audiences and started important conversations about race in America.

The series is part of P&G’s ongoing anti-racism programme “Take on Race”, which includes anti-racism resources on P&G’s website and a $5 million fund to aid social justice organisations.

The Choice received 528 million impressions in the first 20 days and was named Marketing Dive’s Campaign of the Year.