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11-Aug-06 Parent Company WPP Promotes two Operating Company Executives to new roles
1-Aug-06 Parent Company Public Strategies Inc. joins WPP
13-Jul-06 Parent Company WPP and LiveWorld Announce Joint Venture for Online Community and Social Network
8-Nov-05 Parent Company WPP agencies triumph at LIAAs
1-Sep-05 Parent Company Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
3-May-05 Parent Company Launch of 141 Premiere Sports
28-Apr-05 Parent Company Fitch redefines retail
19-Apr-05 Parent Company WPP announces public relations management changes
14-Apr-05 Parent Company Mark Linaugh appointed as Chief Talent Officer
2-Mar-05 Parent Company Poster Publicity and Portland merge
19-Nov-04 Parent Company Samsung Electronics appoints WPP companies
11-Mar-03 Parent Company WPP sports specialist companies launch global sports brands study: SportZ
2-Apr-02 Parent Company WPP appoint Beth Axelrod as Chief Talent Officer
8-Feb-02 Parent Company WPP appoint Jon Steel to new worldwide role
23-Feb-01 Parent Company Joint venture between easyEverything and WPP
25-Jan-01 Parent Company WPP launch Red Cell
17-Nov-00 Parent Company WPP companies appointed by Boots

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