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BrandZ Top 100 - Most Valuable US Brands 2018


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The United States today almost needs no introduction. It is the world’s largest economy and an essential player in global markets. While 2017 has caused it to look inward, its economy and stock market remain healthy as it leans on its rich brand heritage to take it though interesting times.

Major American brands have long been part of BrandZ™ research, but this is the first year we’ve launched a BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable US Brands ranking. This ground-breaking study ranks the country’s most successful brands, analyzes their strengths, and identifies the key forces that are driving growth. It is the first edition of an annual review that will track and anticipate the evolving environment for brands in the United States, and will chart the changing fortunes of the country’s most valuable brands.

We are excited to be bringing the BrandZ™ study to the United States. America today is home to some of the world’s strongest and most universally recognized brands. These include old favorites, like Disney and Coca-Cola, and rapidly emerging powerhouses, like Amazon and Facebook. Some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands call the United States home across many categories.

These brands are not only taking great products and services to the world; they are exporting America itself. While the country’s politics may seem puzzling to many and the country’s president is deeply unpopular internationally — they are also showing that investing in a brand can help companies weather such storms and thrive. In this report, we look at the power of “Brand USA” in the mind of the modern global consumer, and see that while it’s evolving, it’s still quite strong, especially around culture and innovation.

David Roth

CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA and Asia
Twitter: davidrothlondon
The United States economy has been forecast to grow 2.1 percent in 2018. While this is decidedly sluggish, America remains a vibrant hotbed of innovation and creativity. We see this in its top five most valuable brands — Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook — a group with such global reach and influence that we’ve dubbed them the Fearsome Five. In this report, you can find a detailed analysis of these brands’ strengths and what makes them so special.

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