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BrandZ Top 50 - Most Valuable French Brands 2018


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I am delighted to introduce you to the inaugural WPP BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable French Brands ranking at a time of great change in France.

As the country adjusts to newly elected President Emmanuel Macron’s vision for France and its future, this ground-breaking study ranks the country’s most successful brands, analyzes their strengths, and identifies the key forces that are driving growth in this market.

It is the first edition of an annual review that will track and anticipate the rapidly evolving environment for brands in France, and will chart the changing fortunes of the country’s most valuable brands.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing the BrandZ™ study to France. This is one of the largest economies in the European Union and the seventh-biggest in the world. It is also an economy proving adept at managing change.

France’s influence around the world has stemmed from exploration and diplomacy; from style and craftsmanship. That rich heritage is serving French brands well. In times of change and uncertainty, consumers gravitate towards longestablished brands that are trusted for quality.

At the same time, the landscape in which business is done and on which brands are built is being transformed. This is to some extent happening the world over, but in France it comes at a time when, postelection, there is hope that the government can help unlock new development opportunities and help people build a strong future for themselves.

France’s economy grew at 0.4 percent in the first quarter of 2017, beating forecasts of 0.3 percent. This is still slow growth by world standards, but does signal that recovery may be under way.

France’s educated and talented workforce, strong infrastructure and appetite for innovation are laying the foundations for future growth. This is, after all, the country that gave the world the word “entrepreneur”.

In fact, at the world’s biggest consumer electronics and information fair, CES 2017, more than 260 French companies were represented, and at the Eureka Park exhibition zone for startups, there were more French startups this year than from China, Israel or the UK.

So while France is perhaps best known for producing Chanel and Louis Vuitton, it is also the birthplace of tech-based innovators such as BlaBlaCar, Criteo, Devialet, and a growing number of rising stars.

David Roth

CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA &
Asia and Chairman, BAV Group
Twitter: davidrothlondon
As France’s cultural and business exports change, so too does the image of “Brand France” that they carry with them. In this report, we examine the strength of the relationship between Brand France and the brands of France, which has been a powerful exemplar for consumer and destination brands the world over. The changing face of French business, combining the strength of the past with the energy of the current crop of entrepreneurs, will help determine what France stands for in the mind of the modern global consumer.

We take an exclusive, in-depth look at data and analysis from the “Best Countries” research done by Y&R’s BAV Group, with Partners US News and the Wharton Business School, which shines a light on how country of origin affects French brands.

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