Sustainability and our strategy

As the importance of sustainability grows for our clients, so does its impact on WPP.

Why sustainability matters
2018 has seen record heatwaves on four continents, and perilous water shortages in South Africa, Australia and India. It has seen women the world over say #MeToo, and consumers take a stand on plastic packaging at supermarket checkouts.

From technological disruption, climate change and resource scarcity to skills shortages, demographic shifts and political uncertainty, our clients, across every sector, face a complex set of interconnected social, economic and environmental pressures.

The potential upside to tackling sustainability challenges is significant – it is estimated that sustainable business model innovation could open economic opportunities worth $12 trillion and create 380 million jobs1.

Consumer expectations are changing. Today’s consumers want more from their favourite brands than just a great product – they expect transparency across the supply chain and want brands to have a point of view and to play an active role in society. Yet there is often cynicism and a lack of trust about corporate motivations and actions.

Our response
Our clients look to us to provide the insight, expertise and creative solutions they need to navigate this changing landscape and communicate their purpose effectively and authentically. Our own sustainability strategy helps us to do this with credibility, meeting changing client expectations while reducing risks and creating a more resilient business for the long term.

1 Better Business, Better World, Business & Sustainable Development Commission, January 2017.

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