Sustainability and our strategy

We continue to support our clients as evidence mounts of the need for sustainable innovation and growth.

Why sustainability matters

As the last decade drew to a close, the World Meteorological Organization confirmed it was the warmest on record. Australia experienced its hottest, driest year, leading to devastating bush fires, while the Indonesian capital Jakarta saw deadly floods caused by the heaviest rainfall since records began.

Climate activism continues to grow as people demand change. More and more companies across sectors see both the opportunities and the imperative to act. Consumers and investors increasingly expect businesses to act with purpose and offer inclusive and sustainable products.

There is increasing evidence that sustainable business drives profit and long-term value – sustainable investment assets were valued at $30 trillion in 2018, up a third from 20161, while companies with long-term strategies are outperforming their peers financially2.

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ Decade of Action to 2030 will see accelerated efforts to end poverty, inequality and environmental harm, and deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. More than ever, sustainable business models are needed that will enable society to survive and thrive into the new decade and beyond.

Our clients must navigate complex social, environmental and economic pressures against a backdrop of skills shortages, demographic shifts, political uncertainty, and a consumer base increasingly impatient for change.

Our response

Our clients look to us for the insight, expertise and creativity to balance these interconnected pressures and communicate their purpose effectively and authentically. Our own sustainability strategy helps us to meet changing client expectations with strong and credible propositions, while reducing risks and creating a resilient business for the long term.

Our sustainability strategy supports all five elements of our corporate strategy, which we launched in late 2018.  

Three new environmental commitments

  • Net zero carbon emissions in our Campuses by 2025
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2025
  • Phase out plastics that cannot be reused, recycled or composted across our offices by the end of 2020

1 Global Sustainable Investment Alliance 2018 Global Sustainable Investment Review
2 Harvard Business Review

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