WPP supports female entrepreneurship with "Hack Your Campaign" project in Italy

31 Mar 2023

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WPP agencies team up to bring to life pro-bono digital communication campaigns designed for four female-founded start-ups

This month, the WPP Campus in Milan hosted the fifth edition of Hack your Campaign, the digital media bootcamp organised by WPP's Stella network in Italy in collaboration with SheTech Italy. SheTech Italy is a non-profit association with the aim of bridging the gender gap in the world of technology, digital and entrepreneurship, through networking, empowerment and training activities.

More than 30 WPP people from the various agencies took part in the bootcamp, providing their time and expertise to support four female-founded start-ups by developing tailor-made digital communication plans.

Among the start-ups that took part to the bootcamp:

  • UXforKIDS, an EdTech project teaching and sharing UX principles and methods with young people between 7-13 years old;
  • Unlockedu, a financial education platform for Gen Z that uses gamification to create engaging and immersive learning experiences;
  • Ri7ette, the first web-app that helps parents of children between 6 months and 10 years, working full-time, in preparing and planning healthy and balanced meals during the week, taking a significant mental load of them;
  • Connecting Talents, a matching platform aimed at connecting early stage ESG-impact projects with limited financial resources with people looking for entry-level roles in a new industry and need some professional experience.

Gloria Chiocci, CEO & Founder UX4Kids, one of the participating start-ups, said: “I would like to thank the cross-agency team from WPP, the Stella network and SheTech for guiding and supporting us in the creation of a digital display advertising campaign aimed at increase awareness of UX in Italy. The path that took us from the bootcamp to the execution of the campaign was both useful and inspiring.”