Scrip dividend alternative in respect of the first interim dividend for 2011

20 Oct 2011

Scrip reference share price

WPP plc (the Company) announces that the scrip reference share price for the first interim dividend announced on 24 August 2011, and which is payable on 14 November 2011, is 636.60 pence per share.

The scrip reference share price is equal to the average middle market quotation for a fully paid ordinary share of the Company, as shown in the London Stock Exchange Daily Official List, for the period 13 October to 19 October 2011, being the five dealing days following the day on which the Company's shares were first quoted "ex" the interim dividend.

The terms and conditions of the Company's Scrip Dividend Scheme, including how to join the scheme and certain important information in relation to Irish dividend withholding tax and claiming an exemption therefrom, are contained in the Company's circular to share owners dated 19 April 2011. The Scrip Dividend Scheme circular, and the rules of the Company's Dividend Access Plan, are available to view on the Company's website