VMLY&R: Alpro’s Eat Your Way To A Better Planet

A father sitting on a sofa knitting with two teenagers standing behind him in hand knitted jumpers

VMLY&R: Alpro’s Eat Your Way To A Better Planet

Changing the way the world eats for the better

Recent studies have shown that current food production and consumption systems contribute to as much as 29% of manmade greenhouse gases worldwide. There is also evidence to suggest that eating a plant-rich diet would be the single most effective emissions reduction strategy.

VMLY&R worked with plant-based food and drink brand Alpro to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the power of plant-based foods, showcasing how they can be a simple and delicious way to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

‘Eat your way to a better planet’, shines a spotlight on how each of us can join the movement by making a simple change to plant-based eating while reinforcing Alpro’s mission to source, produce and distribute in a sustainable way.

The hero spot, Glug Glug Yum, uses humour to show that tried and tested methods to living more sustainably, such as riding a bike instead of driving or wearing multiple jumpers rather than turning on the heating, aren’t the only way to make a difference.

The campaign features TV spots along with video on demand, social, radio, experiential and in-store activations and large-scale, out-of-home in high-impact areas.