Grey Colombia: Greenpeace’s Earth Is Saying

Image of the edge of the Earth with text overlaid "So our plant can finally speak up for itself"

Grey Colombia: Greenpeace’s Earth Is Saying

Giving Planet Earth a voice

What if our planet could speak up for itself? What if it could tell the world about its daily struggles and ailments in real time? If massive wildfires, pollution and signs of global warming aren’t enough to signal that we’re in the midst of a climate crisis, could it be time to give Planet Earth a voice to tell its own version of events?

With the support of Greenpeace Colombia and Grey Colombia, a Twitter account was created to empower the Earth to amplify its plight. @earthissaying allows Planet Earth to update followers about what is currently plaguing it, from record high CO2 emission levels, floods, pollution and wildfires. “After 4.543 billion years I have my own voice now,” the description on the account reads.

The initiative uses a machine-learning-enabled platform linked to satellites and monitoring centres around the world that converts the information it receives into a common language and publishes it automatically on Twitter without any human intervention.

This is based on the belief that, as the Earth’s inhabitants, it is our duty to listen carefully, regardless of our country of origin, to take the necessary measures to care for our planet and preserve it before it’s too late.